Our Team

Chris Gillis, President - Project Manager/ Business Development

Born and raised in a family of tradesmen and entrepreneurs, Chris has been well prepared for his career in the construction industry.  He began this endeavor from a very young age, and has been heavily involved in each aspect of the construction and development process.  Quite literally, Chris worked from the ground up, from foundation to finishing and everything in between. After moving from Prince Edward Island, he completed his apprenticeship in Halifax alongside many skilled tradesmen.  Subsequently, he was employed by an independent contractor.  Chris then chose to venture out on his own, over time carving his own niche in the construction world, with a strong focus on fine carpentry.

He has led a broad scope of projects, ranging from smaller developments to executive commercial projects over $40 million.  Regardless of the scale, he is known throughout the industry for consistently delivering exceptional workmanship, organization, and attention to fine detail within each aspect of the construction process.  Additionally, Chris possesses an open mind, diverse creativity, and a knack for innovative ideas, along with efficient practicality. This is evidenced in his "outside the box" thinking, skill in applying new methods and technologies, and development of comprehensive building and business systems.  In every project Chris works fervently to bring all of these tools together.

As for life in general, it's all about family.  Chris dedicates his time to his wife Dailene and son Declan, and bases everything around what is truly important; building positive relationships.

David Ward, Vice President - Project Manager/ Lead Carpenter

Hard working, innovative and forward thinking are just a few words that describe David Ward.  David is a true craftsman and is a great believer in doing things the right way from beginning. These beliefs help him rise to each occasion when problem solving.  From the smallest detail to the largest decision, David is calculated and efficient. This is evident in his work on site, and while helping clients with their most important decisions, always keeping their best interest in mind.  David began his journey in the construction industry in Nova Scotia, building houses independently, before being recruited by a large residential builder in Alberta to run their on-site operations.  Managing large sites provided David the opportunity to further hone the organizational skills necessary for running large projects; specifically, it equipped him to comprehend and foresee each phase of the construction process, from conception to final completion.

After years in Alberta, David found himself yearning for change.  This brought him to the field of executive renovation in Ottawa, Ontario.  Dealing with century restorations and high end cabinetry, these markets further enhanced David's craftsmanship, and eye for detail and expert quality. Eventually, David relocated back to Nova Scotia where he was enlisted to run the on-site operations for Chris Gillis' (his current business partner), custom interior firm.  The two hit it off instantly, and have several hundred projects under their belt together. The two have since teamed up to form Premiere Contracting and Remodeling. David's career is certainly very important to him, but family is first.  This is a quality that he carries with him every step of the way.  In his recreational time, David often be found with his trusty four-legged friend Cooper in tow; furthermore, as he is an avid sports lover, David enjoys getting out and supporting various teams throughout the community.