Our Pre-Construction Process

Our process has been developed and is constantly refined to give our clients the best possible experience. Often we are added to the team during the design phase to assist in project feasibility, cost assessment, and in some cases exploratory demolition. This pre-construction service has proved invaluable to a properly planned project. During this process we work with the client and their design professionals to refine the scope of work to create an accurate plan set for accurate pricing and permit submittal.

Our Construction Process

Our construction services often include everything from the initial conception and continue though excavation and are capped off with the finest finishes, which are completed in house by our master craftsmen. With our dedicated team of tradespeople we continually challenge ourselves to raise the bar by incorporating new technologies and building methods.  Throughout the course of construction we meet regularly to ensure Premiere, architect, designer and owner are aware of any job-site topics, ideas, or questions.  In addition to our regular correspondence on site, we also incorporate all construction and details into our online project management software. This assists in timely decisions and a consistent tracking of all items related to the budget, all in an effort to enhance the overall experience and reduce construction issues.  Our continual supervision and expert team ensures the project runs smoothly while maintaining the highest quality possible from start to finish. Upon completion we are readily available to handle any additional work requests or maintenance requirements.

Our Post Construction Process:

We want to build lasting relationships that continue long after your project is complete.  We remain available to you as you adjust to your new home or settle back into a home that has been newly transformed.  We will be there for you to answer questions on how everything in your home functions, to make adjustments and to make sure everything in your home fits your needs.  Our client-focused philosophy is built on our  Comprehensive 3 Year Premiere Platinum Warranty and ongoing open communication. This philosophy holds true regardless of the size or scope of your project.